Friday, June 3, 2011

Run - 3.29 miles (6/3/11) - ehh

I ran 3.29 miles before work today.  It is my longest run since my 3.8 mile run on April 7 (9:24 pace). I guess I should be glad I got a longer than my normal.  But I'm a bit disappointed for a few reasons.
  1. I have been looking forward to pacing Callie for her race for a year. It is in a week.  I don't know how ready I am.
  2. My knee hurt about 2 miles into it. 
  3. I'm slow now.
  4. I'm slower than I was before when I thought I was slow.
  5. I barely run now. 
  6. I did all that stretching and strength training at PT and my knee still bothers me.  
  7. Since after PT, usually pain would be the least it'll ever be, does this mean I won't ever be a runner anymore? 
Using "Time"
Mile 2 was going up hill so I guess it makes sense it was slower but man was it rough and it should not have been that slow.  I hit the lap button at 3.1.  that is no good for a 5k. But now I have a goal and have to beat that next time.

The weather was a little chilly when I started. It was hot when I was done. By hot I mean accuweather told me it was 46 degrees. I ran in a tank + a long sleeve shirt with capri pants.  I'm not going to do well this summer if 46 is hot.
I made my 2.5 mile loop a little long by going in some side housing plans. I did run around culdesacs and I hate how the Garmin things I just ran to a point and turned around.  So I ran a little longer than it said.  Next time I should try to use iMapMyRun and the Garmin to see how close they are.

I passed 7 school buses today while running.  I ran past a few bus stops. One kid yelled "Run. Run. Run." to me. Running by all the bus stops was my fasted .25 split at 2:05.

The elevation wasn't too bad. That little hill in the first half mile was killing me. I didn't even realize it was a hill before today.  I think I was slower on Three Degree Road because there was a lot of traffic and that is a dangerous road. The speed limit is 35 mph so I jumped over a lot off the road and couldn't really run properly until I could jump back onto the road.
Using "Moving Time"
When you look at your Garmin data do you use the Moving Time or the Time when seeing how fast you ran?
Max speed = 8.7 mph. I wonder what I have had in the past for a max speed.... Time to log into Garmin and check it out. It was 8.6 last time and my average was 6.7 last time.  My 2 runs before that had a max of 8.8 and 9.3 but those were track runs. My last North Park run that I cut short was an average of 6.1 mph and a max speed of 7.4. That was also only a 3 mile run and it should have been 12. My 30k race had a max speed of 8.6 mph.  Maybe I need kids yelling at me more often. the 8.7 was pretty good in comparison.  My last 5k had me averaging 7.0 mph with a max speed of 10.7.

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    1. Go Colleen!!! Sheesh, you're an awesome runner! I'm buying a treadmill this month and I'm so excited!!! Thanks for linking up!