Sunday, June 26, 2011

Run 6.26.11 - 5 miles

I ran at North Park today. In the winter, I did almost all of my outside runs there but I haven't completed a loop there since my 30k on March 26. (I did go there to run one other time and turned around after a little over a mile. 

I went with Christina and we ran 1 loop. We considered running two but since I hadn't run more than 3.8 miles continuously in the past 3 months, I figured it wasn't the best idea to push it.  Plus we talked a lot this time around. There was a lot more story telling on my part so I got wiped out.  My time wasn't as good as I would have liked but with all the talking, I'd say it was pretty good.  The weather was nice but it did feel a little warm.  It was nice to run at 7:30 AM and then get it done and out of the way.  I have spend longer updating my excel file and analyzing data than it took for me to run. Good thing I don't have a life.

Now that it is 4 hour since I finished running, my legs are sore. I feel tired.   When you get used to running far (more than 10 miles) a 5 mile run is short and feels that way but since I haven't run this long in 3 months, I'm feeling it.
We ran clockwise around the lake. I prefer going counter clockwise. We also went counter clockwise for the 30k and that's what made my knee hurt. 
I have 8 days until a 5k. Last year I came in 2nd in my age group. I do not see that happening.  1 year ago, I ran at north park for distance and not speed and still had a pace of 9:06.  Looking at my old data, I was running between 8:30-9:10 pace for all my runs. This year I'm doing 9-9:50 pace besides today's run.  Last year my time was 26:24 for the race on July 4.  I wonder what my time will be this year.

What training should I do in one week's time to be a little faster?


  1. FIVE MILES? Oh my goodness, Colleen! I'm doing a bit less than two on each jog and barely making it in time! I'm so out of shape. I tried to move on to week 2 of the c25k program and although I finished it, I think I almost passed out on more than one occasion. No bueno. Do you think I should go back and repeat week one until I'm more comfortable with running or try and push through week two?

  2. 5 miles is short compared to what i was running 3.5 miles ago. It's all a matter of what you get used to.

    I haven't used a c25k program. I did just look it up

    One generic thing I have learned is that if a training program is 12 weeks but you think you need longer you make it 15 weeks by repeating a few weeks. Like you could do week 1 (on week 1), then do week 1 (on week 2), then do week 2 (on week 3), then do week 2 (on week 4), then do week 3 (on week 5) so you still improve but you get a little longer at each one.

    Another thing I'd say is it won't be easy. The more you push, the more reward you'll get... but don't go killing yourself.

    What exact plan are you on and then I'll provide more advice. Seeing the plan will help me judge.