Monday, June 13, 2011

Run then walk (6.13.11)

I ran before work. Then at lunch I walked with Dave and his coworker. 
The 2nd mile is always the worst with the gradual up hill.  My knee did not hurt. Originally I was going to do 3.25 then I thought 3.5. Then I miscalculated what I would end up running so then when I was at 3.6 I decided to double back a few times right near my house to get it to 3.75. 

The walk at lunch was the loop at work. A little over 1.75 miles in 40 minutes. The satellite didn't work right away so I didn't get the full walk on the Garmin.

My splits weren't as bad as I thought. At the end, my splits always get better than right before that because I know the end is near so I kick it up a notch.  Also it's more level and I'm recovered from the uphill of Three Degree Road.   I love seeing the splits at .25. I don't even know who would have the watch do splits at larger increments. I can always add on my own but I can't get the perfect splits out if I want them.   I haven't been stopping to stretch after .5 into my run because that is where the school kids are always waiting for the bus.  Today I passed 5 buses and different bus stops worth of kids.  One of the buses may have been seen twice so it may have only been 4.  I was surprised how many there were.  Today was the last day of school so I won't run into them again.   My 5k split was 10 seconds faster than last time I ran it. Last night I was reading RUN! and was in the mood to run, but I was also staying up far too late so I knew I wouldn't get a long run in this morning. I thought 3.5 would be a good distance. Then I ended with 3.77.  I thought that was the longest run since my 30k but on April 7 I ran 3.8 mi instead of 3.7 like I thought. oh well. Wednesday, my run will have to be longer.   I love all this Garmin data.  Tomorrow I might do Body Pump in the morning. I'm so tired now that I'm worried I won't wake up early. 

My run
My walk
loaded at 9:30PM and prior to eating a Zebra Cake

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  1. I so wish I had your discipline. I have such a hard time, even with a program telling me what to do (c25k). I think I need someone watching me the entire time so I don't cheat! Thanks for linking up to Project Self. Hope you're feeling better since your telecommuting day when you were sick!