Monday, July 4, 2011

6.19 - Father's Day

I took these pictures after I ate. Not the best idea. Also the skirt is a large so it is pretty loose.
Skirt: F21
Shirt: Express
Shoes: Famous Footwear
We cooked for my family. Look at my roasted potatoes. I took a picture because of the recipe I recently posted where I couldn't find a picture.  There was grilled pineapple and salad that aren't shown in the pictures.  The chair over there in the middle of the hallway was my smoke alarm chair.  A pizza broke recently in the oven and we did not clean it yet so the smoke alarm was constantly going off. I had to run over, jump on the chair, and push the alarm button so that the fire department didn't show up.  The bag is on the chair because my shoes might have left a mark on the chair material.
My parents hung out for a few hours. Poly was the center of attention. Well that or my parents new laptop. Dave was setting stuff up for them.
Then they left and I was bored. I am always at a loss right after company leaves.

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