Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friend Friday: Recipes

This week Katy wanted us to share our favorite seasonal recipes... the ones we love to make and love to eat this time of year.  Well I almost didn't write one since nothing is in the love to make category. So I changed it to what can I make without my recipe book that I like to make.  So just for some perspective when I make frozen corn, I get out my recipe card so I know when to add the sugar, water, butter, or whatever.

So that left one thing. Also that one thing I love to eat so I guess it works.  I never made it to take anywhere because people live too far away.

Roasted Potatoes
Oven: 450 degrees.

Wash red potatoes or peel regular potatoes (or wash either kind or peel either kind but how I said is how I do it)
Dry potatoes.
Cut into cubes... maximum 1 inch.

Drizzle Oil in pan and move it all around.
Put potatoes in pan 1 layer thick. If thicker use 2 pans (I often use 2 pans. I love potatoes.)

Add a touch more oil.
Add salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and whatever other spices you find. Sometimes when I make 2 pans I make one a little hotter for my husband and pretty much everyone else.

Stir. Stirring with my hands spreads all the spices better but is messier.
Put in oven.
Stir every 10-15 minutes for a total cooking time of 45-60 minutes.

Sometimes I add more spices when I'm stirring it. It just depends on my mood and what it looks like.

Then eat.

I am pretty sure you should eat other stuff too but that is not required.

With all the times I take pictures of my food, I can't believe I can't find a picture of the potatoes.


  1. yum! this would be perfect for camping, too...over a fire! and also, for some reason, i started singing the holey pokey in my head when i read this post (Drizzle Oil in pan and move it all around.)

  2. We tried to make it on the grill once. The grill was hotter than the thermometer said and we burnt them. My guests still ate them though.

  3. I love roasted potatoes and these sound yummy, may have to try one day

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    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  4. I have never though of adding spices to roast potatoes, these sound yummy

  5. Chantele - you have to try them. They are amazing. Also no amounts so you just wing it. The tastes vary and sometimes turn out awesome and sometimes not as awesome but always good.

    Style Eyes... what do you normally put in roasted potatoes? just the potatoes?