Monday, July 18, 2011

7.18 - Patio

Dave and I walked at lunch.  I went to Body Pump at 5. Then I went back to work after.  Dave tried to entice me to come home by trying to get me to want to see what our patio looks like so far. Mainly because we had no idea what the stones looked like we were getting. We couldn't remember. We let the patio guy pick the stone and he showed us a picture but we forgot.
Is it a sign I stayed at work too late when my car is about the only one in the parking lot?
I came home to a trailer in the front yard.

And now the big reveal...
They aren't anything like I was guessing. Shows what I know.
The sitting walls are started.
Some tools are left out back.  We got rain too. I hope they don't mind wet tools.

So if you ever got a patio or something new, would you leave it in the hands of the contractor?  How about if you barely even knew the contractor? He gave us a list of references. We just drove by a few places but we only looked at back patios from the street...aka we couldn't see anything. We might be a little crazy.
This post took forever to type because of a cute little Poly on me.

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  1. I (obviously) don't own a house, so I've never had to hire a contractor for anything, but I don't think I would, unless it was something major (moving plumbing or electrical, mostly). My dad has worked in construction since he was 16, so he has a pretty good handle on most things (roofing, building, etc), and I think I could figure out most stuff with the help of youtube or blogs. If I didn't have my dad, though, I might be singing a different tune :)