Thursday, July 21, 2011

7.20 - The Final Reveal

I came home again to more surprises.
There won't be any more surprises since the patio and everything is done.  The more surprises were what the stepping stones look like and how they are and where they are.  I would have gotten something solid but Dave wanted stepping stones.

We would have gotten shrubs but it's a really bad time to plant so we'll do that later.  We did get the mulch. We didn't go the entire width of the yard. We just did the width of the house.

Dave said the patio is 350 square feet.  I still need to step out on the patio and get a picture of the steps. I still need to step out there and look at the steps.

I'm really liking my sitting wall idea.

The pictures that don't have a black border are for the area outside our side door. I wanted to be able to store garbage cans out there.


  1. That looks so pretty! The sitting wall is a great idea.

  2. Love it - can't wait to come over and see it!

  3. Thanks Melissa

    Nicole, I can't wait either. I'm already trying to think of when to have a picnic. I don't have outdoor furniture yet and all the good stuff is already sold out most places so it may be nice patio + folding chairs out there for this year. Or I'll have a picnic and say to bring your own chair.