Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mileage - I'm getting better.

A few weeks ago I posted my mileage and here it is again.
My July average is 8.958 which is higher than any week in April, May, or June so I think I am getting back into the swing of things.  Granted having a week of 3.1 miles isn't good either.   The same 5 weeks last year had an average of 6.278.

March 2011, I had an average of 17.19 miles/week which is my best.  I won't mention my lowest month because that was when I was injured.

I'm still averaging 2 runs per week with an occasional week of 3. I need to get my standard up to 3.  Perhaps I need to make a spreadsheet with this information so I can track it better.  I mean I have the data, I just need to add some excel formulas or something.  I wish I did fancier stuff in excel. I Just don't use it enough to learn anything fancy or even to try to figure out what I should learn.

Do you document your workouts? How detailed are you?

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