Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mileage - I run but less than I want to

As you all know by now, I'm obsessed with data. Well here are my running mileage totals for this year and the comparison for last year.  There may have been a few times I did short treadmill runs and forgot to mark them down. I can't pinpoint these but at least the data is the minimum that I've run.
First pass: Last year I ran a lot more miles than this year.
Second pass: This year I have a lot more weeks with 0 miles.
Third pass: Most weekly mileage and 2nd most were in 2010
Fourth pass: my third pass was wrong and 24.6 miles in March of this year beats both 21.25 and 20.31
Fifth pass: I'm hogging up prime real estate wasting space having the dates show Sunday since all weeks end in Sunday. (master file is updated)

I have no data after September 12, 2010 on my file but I know I ran since I ran a 10k at the end of September. I know I took October off. I also ran a race in November. I remember saying I ran ~8 miles between the Great Race and the race in November so there weren't many miles. I'll need to get back data by looking at my other exercise files and my blog so I can do this comparison again later.

What do you think about my data? (It can be the fact that I have this data or it can be an actual analysis on my numbers.)


  1. I definitely appreciate your love of data! I just started using the website to track my training and it has a lot of features for data nerds like us. It keeps track of your PR's and races, which I like a lot.

    It's hard to analyze someone's data because there's a lot that numbers can't tell - like if you were injured at all (which I know you were this year!) and what other things might have been going on in your life and affecting your running.

    My suggestions, just from looking at your data, is to focus on consistency for now instead of distance, time, etc. Maybe try and make a habit of running a minimum of two miles, three or four times a week. Then, if you run more it will feel like extra credit. :)

  2. Oh, I think what Chrissy says makes a lot of sense. (I will have to check out too.) The other thing that's hard to tell from the data is whether there are patterns, such as specific days of the week that you run most frequently. That can sometimes be useful info when planning your running, b/c you have to be realistic about what really works for your schedule.

  3. Chrissy, I'm glad you commented. I almost tweeted at you about this since I know you also run.

    I've been injured a few times. I didn't put all that on there. On my master file I have some of that information. I also have if I was sick marked down. Some things I wish I had marked down were weather.

  4. Anita, I have data on what day each run was. The table posted was the summary. Now I can't wait to get home to do something with days of the week. I know off the top of my head Wednesday is a good run day for me and a weekend day. Those are the most consistent. Now I'll be making another post with this data... just like once someone commented to me about my weight graph saying I needed weekly data and then I made that graph and still keep it up to date.

  5. And here's another question, Colleen: what's your objective? I may have missed this somewhere in your past posts. Do you have a certain amount of mileage you wish to run each week or is there an event you have in mind? For myself, I find it hard to develop a plan to accomplish something without first defining a clear goal.

  6. May 2010 - my objective was a half marathon.
    September 2010 - my objective was a 10k (Faster than the one in 2009)
    between that my objective was to improve my time in 5ks

    Then in 2011 my objective was a marathon (which I failed due to my knee injury)
    Then my summer goal was just to improve my 5k time and get some miles on my feet. My objective recently changed (eek) to try to help pace my friend in the Leadville 100 so I need miles + to get used to the elevation in Leadville.

    I randomly talk about my goals or needing a goal but I haven't recently so that is probably why you haven't seen it. Here was 1 post I made about goals:
    In December my goals were different
    Oh I forgot. My goal in 2010 was also to get a medal at a race.
    another post about exercise goals
    race summaries
    I didn't actually find the post I thought I had. Maybe it was all in my imagination.

  7. I find it hard to have a distance goal and a speed goal but that's what I currently have. :(