Sunday, October 9, 2011

10.4 - Work, Run, Bar

Skirt: F21
Shirt: Express
Cardigan: Express
Shoes: Gabriella Rocha Dancy via Zappos
Necklace: Target

I ordered these shoes online. It was scary to decide what to order. They do let you return for free but I hate returning anything so I was debating what shoes I wanted for so long that the other choices ended up selling out of my size.  Pink worked well with wearing pink all month for Breast Cancer Awareness.     Next I need to replace my purple shoes, replacement black shoes, and some other bright color shoes.  I've wanted pink or a colored dress shoe for over a year so it takes me awhile to decide.

Is this skirt sapphire or is it cobalt blue or something else?

I was debating keeping these. I don't return things. The shoes have a leather smell.  I thought that might go away if they aren't in the box.  I wore them all day and think they still had a slight smell to them.  After the day was over I did notice a black scuff mark on the one shoe and some of the leather scuffed/scraped off right near the sole on the inside of the one shoe.  I hope they don't get worse after time too. For $75 they should last me awhile. I don't spend this much on shoes so I hope they last.
Immediately after work I met Jen for a run.  Then loaded my numbers and iced my knee. Poly hung out with me while I was doing this.  I showered then was out the door.  I met some friends at a bar.  Dave didn't want me to leave.  He tried to build up a wall between the bathroom that I was in and the rest of the house so that I couldn't get out.  I didn't let that stop me.
We went to the Bamboo Lounge (or Bamboo Bar) behind North Park Lounge.  I had never been there. I was going to leave at 10 but ended up staying until about 10:45.  What got me to remember to leave was when someone started smoking in the bar. Apparently this bar is one of the very few in the state that you can smoke at. I don't like being around smoke.

By the time I got home, Dave was already asleep. Poly joined me though.  She was exploring on the counter/sink.

My 2nd outfit of the day didn't have pink but I was only wearing it a couple hours.


  1. This is my first comment on your blog, but just wanted to say that I think your style has been great recently. You really suit pink and other bright colours. And you definitely have the figure to wear many styles. Good for you going out despite Dave trying to prevent you!

    ps. cute shoes, good buy :)

  2. Thanks Becka. Thanks for commenting too. Comments make me so happy.

    I really like bright colors. At work almost nobody else wears bright colors so sometimes I have to think about if I want to stick out that day or not.

  3. You should just wear bright colours if you feel comfortable in them! But I guess it is harder to wear bright colours for work, such a shame.

  4. Well 1 bright color blends in alright but bright skirt plus shirt is harder. I have another bright skirt + bright shirt combo to wear (well 2 more actually) but I wanted to space them out a little bit.

  5. I love the combination of pink and blue in the shades you're wearing here!!


  6. You look AWESOME! I love the shoes and I love the blue/pink combo. It's very Barbie-like - in a GOOD way!

  7. LOVING those shoes! I'll take them after you're done, mkay? ;)

  8. Julie I was ready to say that would work if we wore the same size but then I remembered we do! Too bad we don't live close. We could share shoes and then have twice the pairs.

  9. I know that would be awesomely amazing! You should probably move to Iowa. It's nice here I swear. Except in winter. And that's only like 9 months out of the year :) Lol.