Tuesday, October 4, 2011

9.29 - 2 birds, 1 stone

Shoes: Nine West from Famous Footwear (Size 10)
Skirt: The Limited
Cardigan: The Limited
Shirt: Express
Necklace: Lia Sophia

I was going to swap out the belt for a different one but figured the first time I wore it, I would wear the belt that came with it as a baseline.  Next time I'll wear the skirt with a different shirt and vice versa. I'll get more creative.
Dave and I went to a Hibachi Steakhouse for dinner then I went back to work.

I worked for a bit and then went to the gym.  I had more work to do but needed to workout.  I didn't want to miss a workout but also had work that had to get done.  Instead of running 8 miles, I did a few things.  I started by running for 15 minutes. Then I used the elliptical for 60 minutes while reading RCAs for work.  It is hard to read for that long and workout but I did it. I went slower than normal to be able to read the entire time.  Then I went and ran some more. I wanted to run 8 so I tried to do a total of 8 with running and elliptical.  I did a little more in 90 minutes.  I killed 2 birds with one stone getting a workout in and also getting the stuff read for work.  I didn't get to run as much as I wanted but it was a start.  I would have ran outside a little first before the elliptical but it was just a couple minutes before dark when I left work to head to change my clothes so I didn't want to runin the dark for it all.

I didn't get home until after 9.  It was quite a long and exhausting day.


  1. I like that skirt, it's really cute! I'm a sucker for patterns though!

  2. Love the shoes. We have the same size feet. How tall are you?

  3. Thanks Bee (is that what you go by?) I have been wanting patterns but I'm always drawn to solids. I need more patterns.

    Thanks Julie. I usually only wear those shoes with pants. For some reason I don't like wearing a strappy pump with a skirt. I don't know why since I liked this.

    I am 5'7. Most of my dress shoes that I wear with pantyhose are size 9.5 but every now and then I get a 10. All of my workout shoes and shoes that I wear with a sock are size 10.

  4. Huh for some reason I think you seem so much taller in your pictures! I'm 5'10". But what you said about your feet is EXACTLY how I am. Size 10 for sneakers and 9.5 for dress shoes (sometimes even a 9). Crazy!

  5. If I have a picture of me by my family I look short. http://scrapandrun.blogspot.com/2011/09/87-family-fun.html

    5'10. I wish I was that!

  6. No you really don't want to be 5'10. It is WAY harder to find pants that are long enough.


  7. I want my torso to be 3 inches longer and my legs to be the same. I can wear petite shirts but sometimes a stores Long pants aren't long enough. I buy 36" inseam from Victoria's Secret.

    My dad is 6'3 and my legs are longer than his. We walk beside each other and my mom laughs because he's way taller than me but my butt is higher.