Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mileage Totals Recently

I've made a few posts like this before. But check out my mileage recently. I'm increasing!
I thought this week was a bad week for me but because I sucked it up and ran in the dark on Saturday, I got an extra 5 miles in.

The week with 0 was a week I was on vacation.

Last year in October I ran 1 mile TOTAL.

What way would you like to see my runs/exercise documented?  I'm trying to think of better ways to show what I do.

What is funny is I still don't consider myself a runner. When people say I'm a runner I just get a weird feeling about it all. I run but don't feel that makes me a runner. I have friends that I think are runners.  I look up the definition and I run but don't know what specified way I run.  I run as a hobby but don't consider it competitively. I think I had that definition in my head without realizing it.  If the definition was someone who runs but isn't good then I'd be a runner.

  1. A person who runs, esp. in a specified way: "a fast runner".
  2. A person who runs competitively as a sport or hobby: "a marathon runner".

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