Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miles - 2 years worth

I blame Callie for this data. I was in bed and then I saw that she commented on my blog and then commented back on comments I had on her blog so I got out of bed.  This was 2 hours ago. I have been digging through my old blog posts and data to find out when I ran the last 2 months of last year. It wasn't much but I couldn't believe I didn't mark it down. I guess I blame her that you got it now versus later. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep my data to myself.

Callie had claimed that she had some data and a list of stuff to blog about. That got me thinking about my email to myself about how I wanted to post this data a couple days ago.

I did some labeling on my jpg. I thought that was easier than writing paragraphs about it. This Sunday I have a 10k. I may run 1 more time before that but either way my miles won' be insanely high this week or anything.

Do you log your runs?  I also log my exercising in a google doc. It all started with an exercise contest with my friend Christina (wrote this Why I Run guest post). We had weekly competitions. Who had the longest exercise duration. It started the week after the great race. Before that I did document what I did but not always in excel. Sometimes I posted about it. Today I just started logging my runs in RunningAHEAD because it can upload from your Garmin but I haven't finished saving those. You have to click individually but I was trying to remember data off the top of my head for what type of workout they were but I need to pull up my excel file to look so it is not done.

How many miles would you say someone has to run before they are a runner? In my mind there is a difference between a runner and someone who runs. I still don't consider myself a runner. I'm not sure why or what I would have to change to be a runner. Chrissy mentioned something like this before.

*I just took a screen shot of my excel because that was quicker for me to be able to get the Total Miles on it and only a few months of data.


  1. I don't consider myself a runner, but now I do run, but not much. I'm a VERY goal oriented person, so while I am doing a 5k training program (and when I finish that, I'm planning on doing a 10k bridge program, and then work up to a half marathon so I can run the StL half in April)...but I still don't know that I would consider myself a 'runner'.

    For me, though, when I think of a 'runner' I think of someone who has done multiple marathons...but I'm trying to get that out of my head because just because someone runs a marathon doesn't make them healthy, and my goal is to improve my overall health more than anything else. Emily at Daily Garnish did a really good post a while back about how you don't have to run a marathon to be a runner, and you don't even need to run to be healthy. It's really inspirational, and I try to think like that:

  2. Ashley,
    It is funny that you mention marathons because I have never equated a runner with someone who has done a marathon. I know a lot of "runners" have done marathons and I don't think that makes them a runner.

    I really liked that article. Also I had similar thoughts about the Biggest Loser Marathon but didn't blog about them.

    I feel like you can also run a marathon and still not be healthy. Many people do it. You may be healthier than you were and that is a step in the right direction.

    You say you are very goal oriented. Do you document your runs or anything about them? Do you make sure you follow the plan to the T or do you skip a day here or there if you have other stuff going on?