Friday, January 20, 2012


1st outfit: Pants: Target, Jacket: Dick's
2nd outfit
Pants: VS
Shoes: Aldo
Sweater: Express
Necklace: Lia Sophia

I guess it was already the 1st when I went to sleep.  I went to sleep around 5:30 AM.  I set my alarm for 10am. I hit snooze once. I got up. I got ready. I went to take a nap but couldn't because my tooth hurt so much.

Then I hit the road to head home.  I got home and watched In Treatment with Dave.  We ended up watching 2 episodes which didn't work well for my plan. During the first episode Dave wanted to know if I wanted to go to North Park and walk with him. I can never turn him down.
We went and walked but since we watched 2 episodes, I knew I'd be a tiny bit late to Adrienne's.  Well 2.28 (and 2.22) miles from the car a bit storm comes in. We stopped under a pavilion to wait out the storm and sideways rain. Well this put me even more behind schedule.  Plus now that meant I couldn't just go home and change and head out the door.

I was so late. I at least sent a warning text I'd be late.  Man I hate being late. I was so stressed.   I was supposed to arrive at 4 and have us eat at 5 and I arrived at 5. I'm the worst. I hate me. I hate when people are late and I was late.  They told me not to worry about it but I couldn't help myself.  As I was leaving Dave told me to pretend that it starts at 6:30 and I'm early. Like that would ever work!
We had a very nice time. Callie was there.  It was just their family, Callie, and me.  I think Dave would have liked it if it wasn't on at the same time as the Steeler Game.  He didn't go. They said they understood but it is just really annoying that Dave never goes.
We left around 8:45. After I got home, I finally got to analyze my data from my race and run the previous day. I never even look at my mile splits. I've never gone that long without looking at race data. I rarely go that long without looking at normal run data.

I spent so long at my computer that I was exhausted. It was even only midnight.

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