Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My alarm went off and I didn't want to wake up.  My backup alarm went off and I still didn't want to wake up.  About 20 minutes later (so an hour after my first alarm), I got up.  Then Dave and I headed to the gym.   After the gym it was time to pack up.  It always takes so long to pack up a hotel room to leave. It always takes longer than I think.  Does packing up to leave a hotel room take you a long time?
We left a little after 10 to head home.   Dave drove at first and I drove the last 2/3.  We went to my parents' house to pick up Poly and we hung out there for a little over an hour.  We left there at 4 to try to have our entire drive in the daylight for little Poly. She didn't like the drive as much this weekend as she seemed to the last time.
Once we got home, we unpacked a bit, cleaned up a bit, and then watched the X Factor.
Then Dave went upstairs while I watched The Biggest Loser Finally (well most of it) before we started watching the Steeler game.
At least after we got home this time, Poly didn't hide under the cedar chest.  She did stay under the Christmas tree for the longest time though.


  1. I'm impressed you can take Poly on car rides. My cat FREAKS out when we take him in the car.

  2. Well she hates to be left alone for a long weekend and hates the car. But we tried to figure out which one she hates less so we took her in the car.