Wednesday, July 6, 2016


 Well in addition to my cold I woke up with pink eye.

I decided to go to urgent care. The wait was long! I got there 11 minutes after they opened and the wait was over an hour.  I already blogged about being sick.
I was told to get a few extra masks so then I could wear them. Ella wanted one.

She scooted her table while in it.

Lovely eye after a nap.

 I had ice cream based on the internet suggestions so then Ella wanted some too.

Where's Ella?!


  1. Did Ella get the pink eye too? Yikes!

    1. Nope! One day she had a tiny eye crusty and I was worried but I think it was just normal kid eye crusty since it was just a dot in the corner. I checked her every morning and after nap. I also checked her for a fever all the time and checked her throat all the time.