Saturday, September 3, 2011

5k - September 3, 2011

Today I ran a 5k. I ran it last year. The proceeds go to a local fire department.

The official results are posted. First and second for females were about 3 minutes ahead of me and only 1 second apart.

While starting out, I held back. It was downhill but I know from past experience that I burn myself out.

Since last year the time in my age group that was ahead of me was over 2 minutes ahead of me, I thought for sure this year that I wouldn't even place in my age group.  I get more nervous now before races because of the pressure of placing in my age group. Granted this pressure is only mine and I'm not sure anyone else cares enough about the award and just that I ran and did well.

The course started with about a mile of downhill. It leveled off a few times. It was just a slight grade.  Then it ended covering that same distance so it was a grade going up hill. I was afraid I would die so I held back.  The last 3/4 of a mile I was passing people. I figured that must have been good. I could have done better. I wish someone was pushing me more.

I did better than placing in my age group and for the FIRST TIME I placed overall for females.  My time was nowhere near what I thought I'd have to get to place for females.  I just looked at the 2010 results and 3rd for females was 23:08. I was nowhere near that. I think it was a bit hotter for a September race this time around. I mean it got in the upper 90s today.  I did 47 seconds better than last year.  (Based on screen shots from iMapMyRun my splits were 7:59, 9:00, 8:57, 0:47)

I also hit a new personal best for a race. Granted it is only 4 seconds faster than my old personal best and it is a minute away from my goal. I could have probably pushed more if the other females weren't so far ahead.  The 4th place female was a few hundred yards behind me or less. I passed her up at about the halfway point.

During the race people passed me up and I told them good job or to keep it up. I didn't get a single response from someone. Everyone seemed so rude. I don't understand it. It's a small local race and nobody seemed friendly at all. When I was neck and neck with the 3rd place female and would tell her good job she would just try to pull ahead and get a step ahead of me or so.
The last walkers had cop cars and ambulances following them up the street. That seemed embarrassing to me.
Dave went to the race with me.  I remember this was one of the worst races for getting awards given out. I was right. It took over an hour after I was finished before they started with awards. At least they started with females.

The elevation always seems to mess up on these watches.  Does anyone else have that problem?
My new trophy makes my last trophy look so small.


  1. Well congratulations - third overall = exciting!

  2. Thank you.

    I had 3 goals for 5ks this summer
    1. personal best (done)
    2. place overall for females (done)
    3. get close to or break 25 minutes (uh o)