Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:53:20 AM - Oh man. Just looked at my work calendar. Nonstop meetings 8-2 with some overlap and no time for lunch. Sucks. also somehow have to prep. Fun
08:29:13 AM - I cone into work to find my chips like this. Too bad that was a preliminary see if I'd train plan. Now someone thinks I'm running it. Sigh
10:58:53 AM - I'm out of scheduled posts on my blog. I better make some time to blog tonight. Also I'm still about 10 days behind blogging.
02:28:59 PM - Look at this @BodyMediaFIT data from yesterday. Someone sure was sick. He woke up to go to work too. Ha.
02:48:24 PM - It is almost like I'm dieting when husband is sick because I feel bad eating around him.
07:49:03 PM - My parents just bought a new car and hit a deer on the way home.
08:04:10 PM - @reedaboutme they are ok but my mom was freaking out. Never hit a deer before and she is sad for the deer
08:07:03 PM - @reedaboutme one ran into the side of my brother's car before. That was the extent of my family's deer hitting
08:37:56 PM - @mikecherepko GMC Terrain is what she told me they were buying. Not sure if that is what they ended up with though.
09:11:13 PM - I asked my mom was color their new car is. She replied, "Silver, blood, and fur colored. Boo hoo."
11:13:26 PM - Well I'm glad Rachel won Big Brother. I hated her less

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