Tuesday, September 13, 2011

9.6 Red Pants

September 13 is Everybody Everywear day for colored pants.  And well my red pants work perfectly. But the thing is I get a week behing on posting (or more) so I wore these early. 1 week early.
Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear

Oh man how I love these pants.  For the past few months I was debating buying a new pair since these were too tight. I held out and now they fit. Yay. I'm so glad I didn't have to buy a new pair because VS is so hit or miss. Twice now they have had the most amazing pants ever and 3 times the pants sucked. The 2 good pairs fit nicely, are washable and dryable, and do not need to be ironed. The other 3 pairs are not like that. If you look at the VS website you can't tell the materials and they don't list washing instructions most of the time.  I wish they had reviews like other sites so I could read what people said about them.
My little baby Poly was hugging my arm.  I couldn't possibly get out of bed. 
Once I did bring myself to get out of bed, my little Poly tried to sabotage by sleeping on my new clothes.

I left work to go to Olive Garden for dinner with Dave.  I saw that they have the never ending pasta bowl so I knew I had to get that. This was the first time I wore my red pants in a long time and the last few times I wore them, they were far too tight, so I preemptive unbuttoned them. They were under my shirt and my cardigan. Nobody could tell while I was sitting anyway. Then I ate all of my food. Dave didn't even eat all of his. I also at at a faster rate than him.  I left the pants unbuttoned and with the shirts over it you couldn't tell at all.  This was the first time I unbuttoned pants before it was necessary. It was a good idea. I could have probably gotten a second bowl but I didn't.  Dave said the guys were eyeing me up when I was leaving Olive Garden. He thought my red pants drew their attention so they had to check me out.

Then it was off to work.  I worked until after 7:30 since I was gone for dinner a bit in there.  Leaving for dinner was great because it broke up the work day.

At 7:30 I went to the gym.

I didn't get home until about 9.  It didn't feel like such a long day because I left work for dinner.  That dinner just had so many benefits.  It also helped me run at the gym.


  1. So simple and classy with the grey cardi! I discovered you through EBEW, and I'm wearing red pants too! Stop by and say hi if you have a sec.

  2. You are the second person today I've come across wearing V.S. pants. Maybe I should take a look over there...even if they don't all work out perfectly.

    I'm glad you were able to schedule your post to correspond with EBEW.

  3. Linda, if you aren't afraid to return things, then you'd have no problem ordering from them.

    I had one pair that said line dry and I messed up (the first washing) and they shrunk 3+ inches. Now what kind of pants shrink that much. Crazy.

  4. Love those red pants! They look great. I like VS clothes, but most I've ever bought have been thrifted so I've been able to read tags.

  5. I've never run into VS clothes at Thrift Stores around me. My friend said where she grew up they had a VS outlet store and it had clothes. That would be awesome.