Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9.27 - Long workday

I just bought the vest at the mall this weekend.  The button down shirt is the oldest and that is from 2008.  Each piece is from a different year (I think) and it all works so well together.
The back of the vest is solid gray. I seem to be wearing these purple shoes a lot. I think I wore them more in 2 weeks than I did in the past 5 months.
I woke up early and got to work early. I even curled my hair. It only takes 3 minutes but I tend to skip it to get other things done in the day.

I had numerous meetings. I was swamped. I had a meeting scheduled 11:30-5 but it was done slightly early. Then I was able to give training a little early and we hurried. I was done at 5:30 instead of 6.  Instead of doing the millions of things I had to do, I helped a coworker finish her RCA. Actually I could have run too. I was going to run then do my own work. That didn't happen. I didn't get my nice easy 4 mile run in. I got a rest day in instead. :( Julie did tell me to go run and not miss my workout but I felt bad. I thought I could run then go help her but I didn't have a change of clothes for a shower. Plus she thought she'd be leaving "early" so by 9 or 10pm and I thought I could use an exercise bike at home after.

I got tuna to go and velveeta shells and cheese and we had that for dinner.  Then later I learned my Olive Garden leftovers were still in the work fridge so I had that. (Dave was supposed to take them home the day before but he forgot.)

I left work at midnight.  I have never been at work so late. I have worked later but drove home, ate, and then worked.   This was my longest continuous working. I even worked through lunch.  At least I did have 5 minutes in the middle of the day that I talked to Jen.

I got my flu shot today too.

I was making a big deal that Julie worked 15 hours today but then realized I worked 16. Oh boy. She did work 17 yesterday though and then only slept 4 hours.  She looked really tired.  I encouraged her to stay at a hotel instead of trying to drive 50 minutes to go home. I really hope she did that. She doesn't have a change of clothes but I still think it's a smart move to stay at a hotel.

Why do I always put in extra time helping other people? I should have done my own work.  I still have things to do by EOB Wednesday!

My little Poly greeted me when I got home. She ran down the stairs. She's such a cute little girl.  Dave was asleep but I woke him up after I made noise trying to get ready for bed so then he said hi. He immediately went back to sleep.

The outfit was surprisingly comfortable for such a long day. It didn't annoy me much at all. But 11pm I was getting annoyed a little with the shirt bunching up under the vest but not too bad after such a long day.


  1. Love the vest! Sounds like a crazy day. I think the longest I've ever worked is about 22 hours in one long chunk, but it was for my full-time job and then straight on to a freelance project I was working on with the same group of people. I had 2 hours from when we stopped at 5 am until I had to be at work at 7 for a site visit, so I brought a change of clothes (I knew there was a deadline), and crashed at my boss's house for a few hours so I wouldn't waste an hour driving back to my own place. I also worked until 2am on my birthday last year for a work deadline (I took a 1.5 hour break for dinner, though). The things we do for work...

  2. When you look back was it all worth it for the late days? Also was there ever a time you were asked or could have worked late but didn't and then missed a deadline? I haven't had that happen yet. I have said weeks in advance a deadline wouldn't be met but that was with weeks notice and once the due date was changed and then all the long hours were not needed.

    I have worked 17 hour days the summer after senior year of high school but I worked 8 hours, went home and showered, then went to my second job and worked a 9 hour shift (often) but being a janitor and then being a waitress or hostess were totally different than the thinking involved now that I'm doing a real job.

    Thanks about the vest. It was new and more expensive than I would have spent but tops were buy one get one half price. So I half justified it that way. I will have a post with the new clothes but I just didn't get around to it yet. I bought a lot at the mall this weekend :)