Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Jeans & Shirt: Express
Cardigan: F21
Shoes (not shown): Famous Footwear
I forgot to take my picture until I was halfway into my PJs.
The day started very delayed. We can never get a move on it. We just waste the day away. We went to the gym and I actually ran 2.5 miles. Then I did abs. Running went by pretty quickly since I did intervals. We picked up cheesesteaks for lunch and Wawa. Then it was off to visit Dave's mom. We hung out there for a bit. They really loved our gifts, after that went to Dave's dad's old house to see how they fixed it all up. It was very interesting to see. Then it was off for more family visiting. After a few fore hours we headed to Pat's for a late dinner. Then it was Wawa and back to our hotel. We only bought food at Wawa to eat in the morning before the gym. Otherwise known as the not passing out food. At the hotel, I blogged and then time for bed.

Many things went wrong during the day but the one that makes me the maddest is the belt on my coat getting stuck in the car door and the bucking cracking in a few pieces.

At one point we saw a pickup truck pulling a car. It was crazy. The car was held on with rope and only rope.

Also that picture in the middle isn't of the traffic light but of the leg lamp.


  1. According to your My Clothes Calendar page, you did not wear any clothes on Jan 3, 4 or 5!

  2. ... Or much of December 2011, for that matter. Haha

  3. I'm behind updating. It's been a busy time. Not to worry, I'm always wearing clothes though.