Sunday, January 1, 2012


I woke up at 8 when I went to turn over but Dave said hi to me. He was trying to sleep on the other couch with Poly. The couch wasn't long enough for just Dave but he even let her hog up the third cushion. Too bad in sleepy state I just took one picture zoomed in on Poly. We were the only ones up for a good 45 minutes. I suggested working out in tht time but Dave didnt go for it. He was exhausted. He had issues falling asleep then when Timmy went to bed he woke up and couldn't fall back to sleep. We were also up late doing presents so we didn't even try to go to sleep until 2am.
Dave's sleep
Then around 9:30, I was cold and put on an afghan. Next thing I know, I was asleep with Poly for almost an hour and a half.
At 1 people started showing up. Some people were late. Those people left first too (3:30). I always get annoyed that you spend more time cooking than people spend visiting. At least I wasn't the one cooking. I did spend many hours making desserts that barely anyone ate. My parents didn't even want to serve our apple cake.
Right when people were leaving we (term used loosely) sang happy Birthday to my brother. At least some people stuck around.
I had a 2nd meal and then started packing to head home.
We had considered staying a 2nd night but after not having a good time sleeping at all the first night we had to head home. We got home around 7 and Dave was already asleep in the couch before I carried the first load of stuff in from the car. He napped a bit while I put stuff away. I ran upstairs and made a blog post. Then we went up to bed and watched some funny TV shows. (Parking Wars) I did kenken while watching than. I read some blog posts. I went to sleep around 10:30.

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