Sunday, January 29, 2012

Long Run (1/29/12) - 10 miles

I did my long run today, the day after my 5k.   I planned to do 10.   I was meeting a bunch of people at 10 AM but they were only going to do 5 or a little more. I decided to do 2 first before meeting the group so I at least got 7 in.

I ran out 1 mile and turned around. I didn't come back the same way and decided to run the big hill. That hill was slower than everything else I ran but it wasn't as bad as I ever thought it was.  I guess I'm getting better.

Since not only was my long run the day after running a 5k but was also my first over 6.5 miles since I ran the marathon, I figured it would be slow. I was also running with new people and didn't know their pace.  I was hoping to finish it all at a 10:20 pace.  I was successful.

The temperature started around 28 degrees and warmed up to 35.  The wind chill said it was 18 when I started and it was 20 when I looked later.  I forgot to check at the very end of the run.  It felt much warmer than that.  I started the run with my hat on and my ear warmers. I took off the hat and my sleeves off after 2 miles.  I took my gloves off and my light coat with about a mile left of the loop.  I dropped those off and my neck warmer thing off at the car after the loop and ran in just a tank + dry weave shirt and headband.  My hands got cold on that run though. 

Here's some detailed information if you are interested.
The 2.11 miles were run continuously.

The 5.04 miles were run with 4:1 intervals.
The 3.04 miles were run with 3:1 until the last mile and we ran straight through.
My first 2 miles
At one point I dropped back (aka turned around and ran for a bit) to see if the 2 that fell behind from our group were OK with it. Then I had to speed up to catch back up with the group.  No wonder I was huffing and puffing when I finally caught up to them.  I was going close to a 7 minute mile pace.  Crazy


  1. Was the hill in mile 2 of the first 2.11 miles? You actually had a faster mile there! I'm impressed!!!

  2. The hill was in mile 2. The downhill was also in mile 2 though. My 2:34 split was the split with the majority of the hill. I think I started the hill at 1.44 in (but this is just based on memory so don't quote me) and the hill was done about .2 later but then you have a little level and more hill so it ended slightly after .75 but most of it was in that split.