Friday, April 24, 2015


Ella had a play date sort of. The boy is a year and a couple weeks older than her and the mom and I talked and met at the park before. While playing in the sand Ella got hit in the head with a sand toy and cut her skin right by her eye. 

good eater

wipes her mouth after

view of the cut

Jake was born 8 days after Ella

Ella works on stacking her rings


  1. Oh my gosh that ring stacker toy takes me back. My OCD wouldn't let me go to bed until the rings were in the proper order, and they never were. Lol. That boy seems tiny for being a whole year older than Ella.

    1. I fix the rings at night or no rings are on the stacker.

      The red head is the one a year older. The blond with curly hair is 8 days younger. the he blond is who got Ella in the eye. The blond was due 12/21. Ella was due 12/28. Ella was born 12/20 and he was born 12/28

      If I remember correctly the red head was born 12/7/12 (and he has an older sister Ella who was at preschool during this time)

    2. Yep I meant the red headed boy. He seems small but maybe I only think that because my child is huge.

    3. Oh I forgot to say that his mom did call him a runt though. He is small.