Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Ella woke up with a fever.

She was awfully cuddly and tired. She napped 4 times all day. 3 naps were on me and 1 was on Dave.

A friend hosted a Stampin' Up class at her house so Dave was on Ella duty. I can't even believe she fell asleep on him and that she slept for an hour and a half. She even fell back to sleep. He had to wake her up to let me in the house since he had it latched from the inside.  Ella is so funny how she asks to go to sleep now by grabbing one of her blankets.

It was so odd getting home after not being with Ella for almost 4 hours. The oddest part was that Dave gave me a rundown of all that she did/ he did. I enjoyed  hearing it and was surprised he elaborated so much. I did have to ask a few questions and he didn't tell me exact times she fell asleep or woke up for me to fill out my app.

Ella even went to sleep early for the night around 7:30 but then she woke up close to 11.

I'm happy I finally had someone host a Stampin' Up party. I love them and they are very stressful all at the same time. I have to ask 10 times about finishing with a certain stamp. It also gets difficult in that I want to have word options but then the more options there are the longer it takes. Cleaning stamps is harder with so many options and clear stamps are harder in a group setting when you have to wait for a block of a certain size before you can do the next one.  I gave at least 6 descriptions about how little glue is needed and even specifically told 1 person a few times and still she put so much on. I shouldn't let it bother me but I do.

I brought home Jack in the Box for dinner. I didn't buy enough food. I loved their fries and wish I got more but the rest wasn't that good.


  1. Ella sleeping on Dave is so precious!!!

    1. I agree. I'm so glad he took a picture (or a couple). That's thr first time he tried to get her to nap too. So a maybe they would have been successful other times. I don't know.