Saturday, April 11, 2015


Dave took the car.  So then we carpooled with Gio/Lily to a park meetup.  We left around 10:30.  Then we played at the park. I liked it. Ella was pleasant. It was fenced in.  We left a little later than we should have and it was around 12:30.  Then on our way home we stopped for lunch. Ella squealed and then Lily squealed and there was a lot of back and forth!

I kept hoping Ella didn't fall asleep in the car. She was so close but she lasted.

I nursed her then she went to sleep and I got her in her crib. She napped over 2 hours and all I did was delete pictures from my phone, answer emails, and order GrooveBooks. I caught up a lot. I'm only 3 weeks behind now. I ordered 7!  I ordered 1 for Gio/Lily but I didn't have quite 100 pictures still on my phone involving Lily besides ones from the park earlier so her book will have 27 from that day!

The landlord was over fixing the dishwasher plug. He did not fix anything.

( I can't remember what we did the rest of the day.)

This is an outfit Ella got from Art and Judy as a gift.
It's so nice and Ella got so many compliments on it.

How the landlord left the dishwasher!

Ella learned how to put stuff in her crib.