Friday, August 7, 2015


Just after I got done telling people how good Ella was at sleeping and not having accidents she has a big one at 2 am. We were up together for a half hour but then it took me another half hour to fall asleep. That was so annoying. I had her in the rocking chair while I took off the sheet and she snapped a picture of me from the baby monitor.

Then at 6:20 when she woke up, I was so so so so exhausted. It sucks.

I went for a run then for a walk. Actually it was quite a long walk since Ella fell asleep. We ran 2.5 miles or so. I just wasn't feeling it to run more. Then we walked 7 miles!!!  I ended up with sunburn. It was a bad day to forget sunscreen.

I thought with Ella's 2 hour nap in the stroller that she'd be good in the afternoon for errands but she was not.  We got Jack in the Box for lunch. Then went to Kohl's. Ella peed her pants a little there. She signed to use the potty but wouldn't use the public restroom.  Then when I was in line she peed. She wouldn't finish in the travel potty in the car so we went back home. I had more places to go.

Finally after awhile at home and going to the potty at home a few times we left. We went to Safeway.

Ella had some snacks before we all ate as a family.  Then after dinner, Dave told Ella it was time for a bath. Well she went and climbed right in the tub. She still had her clothes on and there was no water in the tub yet.

Bedtime routine involved a lot of lying around. Ella loves it when Dave lies in her toddler bed but then she just doesn't go to sleep. She went to the potty a few times and then was asleep at 9:48.

I blogged a bit and Poly was in my way on the desk.


  1. Parker used to have a fear of public bathrooms too. It took a good month or more before he was convinced. I think Tanner going with him helped.

    1. Well it's been over 2 months and still she won't go.

    2. She'll get there eventually!

    3. She has only gone in the big potty at home 3x roo. But she does want to sit on it more.