Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:30. I was so tired. I was shocked she slept through the night. I also did!  I had to go to the bathroom so bad but being the good mom that I am I went in to Ella first so she didn't pee her own pants. She wanted to nurse first then go potty!  I didn't get to go myself for about 20 minutes!   Ella slept 8 hours and 0 minutes!  That is not long enough. This kid is killing me!

We did our normal morning stuff and I tried to finish getting ready for her party. I had to get the party hats and the banner from the garage. I'm so glad Dave was able to fix the garage door opener.

I made a separate post about her party. I loved it!

Since Ella was so busy with her little party, she napped EARLY! She napped for 3 hours.

Ella was very good with the potty usage!

Since my Saturday run got moved to Sunday and I didn't run Thursday or Friday morning, I decided to run in the evening.  A little after 7 I drove to Google and left the car for Dave then I ran home.  I ran a round about way so that I got to 4 miles. I still beat Dave home by far. He got home near 8:30 and we had dinner after that.

Ella went to sleep at 10:08.  It was a late night with dinner so then she didn't stay up that late in her crib. She was only awake for 9 minutes!