Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Card Class

A few weeks ago I had a card class focused on masculine cards. Well it was more like cards that can work for guys but would also work for other things too.

I gave color options for this too. Someone used blue paper, different circled patterned paper, and blue ink. I also used shades of pink for one of mine.   I gave this card to Dave for his birthday. I said now he's old like the dinosaurs and that I was already that old.  It's probably the most creative I was on a card + wording in my life! I'm usually very boring.
I chose green since it was a guy color but then after I made this and saw it upside-down it just looked like Christmas trees. Maybe next time I do a different color.
We colored with watercolor crayons here. I really like this one. I colored in red because I googled craftsman and saw they were red. 
You could have used any wording but the word celebrate was from the stamp set so I used that. I figure I can put Happy Birthday on the inside if I want the card for that.

Only 2 people attended this class so I might use some of the cards again at a different class when different people attend.  The dinosaur one is my favorite and I even already have supplies cut for about 6 more cards like that.


  1. These are all nice. Parker would like the t-rex one.

    1. I've done dinosaur cards at my last few classes and think of him every time. Too bad I stamp them all with birthday so he has to wait to get one and he probably won't like dinosaurs by then.