Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Ella woke up at 7:15. She did not nurse in the morning!  She drank 4 oz of milk spread out over a little bit.
Ella was having a blast and running around and even had a ponytail in her hair for a bit.

At 9 Ella tripped and went head first into the bed. She ended up with a bloody mouth :(

We went running.

Brenna came to visit for a little bit.  Brenna distracted Ella and then she forgot about her pigtails so they lasted a good half hour!

Ella napped for 3.5 hours starting at 1.

Ella had had some green beans but not from her bowl. They had to be from the serving bowl. Ella likes to sit and rest a foot up on the table.  She was playing with my shorts putting them on like a shirt.

Ella was chilling on our bed and peed. I put the sheets in the wash and was putting the new sheets on. They were almost all on and she peed again! I can't believe she had that much pee. I only have 2 sets of sheets for our bed and since the first set were halfway done in the washer I had to wait for those but couldn't even throw in the 2nd set.  She's a little bugger.  Dave was still at work at this time.

Ella and Dave both ate dinner topless.

She was awake in her crib over an hour before she fell asleep near 10.

Recently Ella has learned how to cover herself with blankets. I'm not sure what day exactly but she was definitely doing it in her crib before she fell asleep.

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  1. So sad about her mouth. Poor Ella. I hate when that happens.