Friday, August 7, 2015


Ella is always all about waking Dave up. Or maybe Dave is always all about trying to sleep in even though he should wake up.

She's a tricky bugger standing on the barbell to get higher.
I removed the changing pad from Ella's room and she wanted to lie on it on the floor.
Ella likes Shakeology.

A second cup for Ella doesn't work. She still wants mine.

Poly likes the changing table pad too.
Ella naps in her toddler bed.

Ella likes to climb at the park.

Ella likes the horse too.  She's getting taller and taller because her feet can reach now.

These pics are dark but Ella discovered getting off the bed and pushing the door back and sliding in.
Now Ella is in the dark closet!  I got her out and then propped stuff on the floor so the door can't be slid back for her to get in. Once she got in, she can't push to get back out. She would have had to figure out how to slide the doors which she hasn't done yet.