Monday, August 3, 2015


Ella woke up twice in the night. Once she peed while standing after awake. The second time she lasted until I made it in there!  She also lasted in the morning until she was on the potty.  That felt successful to me.  She usually doesn't wake up twice to go but she did and went a lot.

I went to the dentist at 8 AM.  Dave watched Ella for 1:45 while I was gone. I got back and he was not happy at how needy she was and he kept telling me I need to get a baby sitter when I go to the dentist.

I ran 3.5 miles with Kathryn. Then we walked 3.5 miles. We walked to Google and she saw the Android statues.

Ella fell asleep on the run and then napped about an hour.  We still had to walk about a mile after she woke up.

As soon as she was close to home she signed to go potty. She went as soon as we were inside and she was on the potty. I wish she would always tell me like that.

I did some planks for part of my plank challenge. Ella climbed on top of me for them. I tried to take pictures of this so then the planks became even more difficult.

We had sandwiches for lunch. Ella wasn't a huge fan but still ate some. She had fruit too.  She sat in her chair longer and kept buckling her straps. I'd unbuckle and she'd repeat. This gave me some time to clean up.

Ella was not nice to me while nursing. She goes crazy and kicks and hits and pushes on my neck.

Ella napped so late. I actually woke her up at 6:45.  I tried earlier. Even with barging in her door that sticks, she didn't wake up. She was so tired.

Dave worked VERY late so we had dinner without him. I made eggs and toast. We also had fruit.

Dave got home near 9 PM. Ella hung out a bit.  We tried to do bedtime. Ella didn't want to go to sleep. I lied with her. She was wound up.  I said I was going to leave and she started flailing back like she does. She threw her head back and really whacked my nose. It hurt so bad.  I screamed and yelled ow. She cried but didn't seem to cry until after my reaction. Then we went out to see Dave. From the living room he heard nothing. I screamed so loud and he didn't hear anything.

Ella didn't go to sleep until 10:56.  I wanted to nap at 2 PM so it was a rough rough rough time for me.  I went to sleep shortly after. I didn't go to sleep right away. I iced my nose a bit and I had Dave tickle my back to try to cheer me up after such a rough day.

 Ella threw balls in her potty and said "poop" but I said that wasn't poop. So then she pooped!

I saw Ella do this and said "That wipes container is not a step stool." She immediately got down and left. I didn't know what she was up to. But then she returned with the step stool.

Ella only cried after I was screaming in pain.
My nose looks a bit crooked.

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