Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Toddler Times

Ella is a toddler now and there are so many things that are different than when she was a baby. Well she has been a toddler for awhile but I'm a slacker at making a post like this and also she's constantly changing.

Ella can communicate better and I love that.  She does shake her head no a lot. That's her favorite.

She's potty trained but we did go to pull-ups at night and at nap times. She woke up for about 3 months straight from naps dry but then stopped. I got sick of changing the sheets so much.  She does pee in her pants for spite sometimes when she gets mad at me.  She has about 1 accident a day not counting when she sleeps and pees in a pullup. This past week she pooped in her pullup for the first time and then she did it a few times. I feel like it's been over 2 months and she shouldn't be having an accident a day but then I sometimes put her in a pullup when we go to the museum or something and maybe that is making it worse.

Ella is just too good at stalling and it works. She is constantly saying she has to use the potty. Then she sits and sits and sits. She says she's not done and I feel so bad making her get up. Sometimes she does go to the bathroom a few times before she sleeps so then it makes me let her stall all the other days.   She goes to bed so late and starts nap so late now because of this.

Even if Ella is in her crib earlier, she seems to play and read until 9:30 or later before she goes to sleep.  Recently she has been crying a lot more in her crib but some nights she's in there over an hour awake but not making a peep.

Ella can reach so much more stuff than she used to. I don't even know how she can reach so much on the counters or on the table. She is also so smart and pulls things to get to something on top of them.

Ella likes to help and do things. But she also likes to do the opposite too.

She's not very good at listening to stop doing something. Also if she takes my phone and you ask for it back she throws it to try to hide the fact that she had it at all. This isn't very good for a phone. I hope it doesn't break.

Ella is getting better at talking but still doesn't do it when she wants something. She just points and cries. She will scream and keep going.  Dinner has not been a fun time. She's refusing to eat things and always wants mine even if they are the same thing. She keeps wanting other stuff too.  She also wants chocolate and junk far too often.

Ella can throw balls now but that means she can throw anything. We keep working with her to not throw other stuff but it doesn't always work. She gives you a little twinkle before she throws what she shouldn't.

Ella has this evil laugh she developed on her own. When she is about to do something wrong or what she thinks is wrong she does the evil laugh. It's actually quite funny.

Just this past week or so she has started jumping. She couldn't do that before.  A couple weeks ago she realized she could kick a ball outside and she loves to do that.

We are working on her dressing herself. She can get a shirt totally on with some words of explanation. But sometimes her hands go through the neck hole if it's a wide opening.

Ella used to be awesome with getting her hair washed in a tub then one day she stood up just as I was pouring water on her head and then she fell. She fought me to pour water on her head after that point. Then we started to give her showers and I just ask if she wants to wet her hair and she walks right under it. It made our lives so much easier.  She helps rub in the shampoo too.

Ella "needs" to have a cookie in each hand or a grape in each hand.  She will freak out if she doesn't.

She can open doors know. She moves her step stool to get stuff that is up high.

Ella whines a lot near dinner time. I practically h ave to hold her the entire time I'm cooking or have her screaming so bad at my feet that I can't think. Then at dinner a lot of times she's crying and whining and nothing calms her. I just want to eat in peace!

Ella skips her nap about 1 day a week. If she falls asleep in the car and naps for 3 minutes that will be her nap for the day. This means I have 1 super miserable day a week!

Sometimes on a whole I think about how Ella is so good and could be so much worse and other times I think about how on a whole she's actually not that great because she gets into everything, doesn't listen, likes things her way, and is very demanding.  I don't even know how other moms get anything else done during the day. It's such a challenge. Ella gets into everything. Just yesterday I was trying to play a video from my laptop to the TV for us to enjoy but I couldn't get it to work and she got into everything and trashed everything and poured water all over the couch in just a short period of time.

I'm always updating with some daily posts but those are practically 2 months behind. I'm also not always stating what she does or just learned so I wanted to make this post.  I just rambled and typed as things came to my mind. Later I'll probably think of more I wish I added.

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  1. I remember thinking how confusing it must be that we tell our kids no throwing but then we encourage them to throw balls.

    Parker still stalls bedtime too. I think this doesn't go away for a long time.

    We broke Parker of crying and pointing to get what he wants by telling him he had to use his words. If he didn't use his words we wouldn't give him the thing. If he did we did plus lots of praise. It eventually worked.