Monday, August 24, 2015


A little before 7 AM I woke up and looked at my app. It wasn't on and Ella was awake!!!! After I went to the library I forgot to turn the app back on!  I analyzed the picture a minute the camera takes and Ella woke up at 1:30 and was moving around a lot. Then at 2:30 she was awake, standing, and crying.  Then at 6:30 she woke up and was standing and crying. I never even heard her. The fan in the bedroom drowns everything out.  I got 7 good hours of sleep though.    I put Ella in pull-ups for the very first time.  I thought that would save on sheets. Well good thing she had a pull-up or she would have been suffering with wet clothes and sheets and I never would have heard her.  I can't believe this happened!

We didn't wake Dave up until after 8:15. I don't know how he slept that late. I was noisy trying to get him to wake up. Ella was into everything. She'd leave a path of destruction.  She learned how to turn on the water in the tub on Friday and then she unscrews the faucet fixture now!

Ella nursed when she woke up. Then she ate cereal for breakfast a half hour later.  About an hour after that she was still starving so she ate oatmeal.  Maybe 20 minutes after that she ate hash browns and toast. She had 3 breakfast.

Shortly after the 3rd breakfast we left. We went to pick up Lily and go for a run in the double jogger. I didn't pack snacks for Ella since she just ate. Apparently that was a mistake. She ate half of Lily's grapes and then Lily wanted more.  I ran over 5 miles. I did run walk since I know I'd be running 11 miles in less than 24 hours.  I did 2:1 intervals. I ran a bit around the neighborhood then decided to run to google. I let them run around their statues and took pictures.    It was so hot coming back.  I was gone from the house for 2 hours so I guess we played at Google longer than I thought.

Ella was falling asleep on the way home but I tried to stop her.  We got home and I showered.  Immediately after, I nursed Ella and she went to sleep.  Well I put her in the crib awake. She was not happy and then she was asleep within 3 minutes.

Ella napped for 4 hours and a 7 minutes. During the nap, I did stuff on my computer. I had a long list of what I wanted to do and feel like I barely did anything. I didn't do anything I wanted really.  Dave went to the gym at google and worked out. He got back and was so sweaty. I think it's good he got a good workout.

We had leftover pizza for lunch. Then for dessert we had cereal.

When Ella woke up, I fed her right away.  She actually drank milk from her sippy cup. She ate yogurt and cheese. She ate a small portion of her peanut butter sandwich.  Then she ate some chocolate bunnies (the cracker like cheddar bunnies).

Then Ella requested the TV to be on by grabbing the remote, sitting on the couch, and pointing it at the TV.  We had turned on to Catch a Contractor.  Ella was looking sad. She was looking like she was fighting crying. Then she had a few tears. We asked her why she was sad but we weren't getting anywhere. Then I figured it out that it was from the people arguing on TV. I stopped that and put on Curious George for her. She was much better.  Then she got sad again!  I knew right away and it was at a point when they were a little upset with George for what he was up to.  I can't get over how emotional Ella is.

A little after 7 PM, we decided to head to Magical Bridge Playground.  We were there about 40 minutes. Ella had a blast.  We got home and just hung out a few minutes before it was bedtime.

We used our computers for a little bit then watched 2 episodes of The Americans.  We started TV after 10 PM and that's when we ate dinner!


  1. It's funny to see the messes Ella makes. I have to deal with the same thing daily. Parker is Mr. Destruction.

    1. I don't even often take pictures of the messes. She was actually so much neater when grandma was here. Grandma talked to her the entire time she ate. Also we were kept busier so I think she got even hungrier.