Friday, August 7, 2015


Ella was up in the night and then woke up at 6:30. I'm so tired. I just need to get 8 hours one night.

We drove Dave to work.

I met Puja at 10 to run a little on Guadalupe River Trail. That trail is in the sun so it makes running harder. Shady trails are so much better. I was going to push the double jogger with Ella and Gia in it but since Ella has a runny nose and cough, Puja got her neighbor to watch Gia. We didn't want to have to miss the run!  Ella fell asleep on the run. We did 3 miles using run walk intervals of 1:1.  We ran faster than Puja normally runs but we had walk breaks. The overall time was about the same as she always gets. After we stopped to do some planks and that's when Ella woke up. We did 2 30 second planks and they were quite easy. I can't believe how much a plank challenge helped.

We were about to leave and then I put the stroller in the car and let Ella play at the park for a bit.  It was sunny and there was no shade so we didn't stay long. I hadn't put sunscreen on her.

We got home and had some lunch. After a bit, we did a google hangout with my mom. On the hangout I asked if it was 1 yet and my mom said it was almost 2!  Ella normally naps at 1 but since she napped in the stroller I knew it'd be later.

She started asking for sleep but then didn't nap. It was a rough almost 2 hours because she wouldn't sleep and was crying so much.  Then near 4 she went to sleep.

I cleaned up the kitchen some and some other areas and used my computer. I woke her up near 6 so we could go pick Dave up.

We got KFC for dinner.  Last time Ella ate so much of my chicken so I ordered extra. This time she didn't even touch it. She ate a ton of my mashed potatoes and gravy. She likes the gravy more.

We played for a bit and started bedtime routine at 9. By 9:30 we were done and ready for bed and couldn't find her night light.   I spent 15 min looking then got Dave to help. 50 minutes later we still hadn't found it and Ella had to go to sleep without it. She was not happy. I left the lamp on but she didn't care for that. I saw she was asleep and turned the lamp off and then she woke up.  I was so tired but had to get my Costco order in. I went to bed early for me and was so tired but it was still late. It was probably close to 11:30.  I never got as much done as I wanted to. I wish Ella would sleep. It'd help out a lot.

Ella poured bbq sauce in her yogurt and ate it


  1. That's interesting she will sign to go to sleep and then still fights it. Crazy!

    1. Well signing to go to sleep was short lived. Now she doesn't do that at all.