Sunday, August 30, 2015


Ella woke up at 5:45. I nursed her and put her back in her crib.  She played with legos and maybe eventually fell asleep. Then she woke up and played with legos more. I kept hearing her talking on the app. At 7 I went in and get her. I couldn't sleep with the app sound on and her talking but if I turned it off, I'd sleep and sleep through crying when she eventually cried anyway.   She was happy and pleasant.

We went for our run near 9:15 AM.  Ella whined a lot more than normal. I'm not sure why.

We went to a pool party. Dave even went.  When we were getting ready, Ella was so happy to be in her swim outfit. Then she wouldn't let go of Dave or me. I think she was afraid that we would leave without her. We were there about an hour and a half.  Ella was shivering and so cold in the heated pool.  She got a lot more familiar as time went on.   She learned to kick. She even would say "kick. kick. kick."  There were a lot of older kids there and she liked to watch them.  She liked to climb out of the pool.  She would sit on the edge and grab on to Dave's hands then lean in to go into the pool.  She liked to be thrown back and forth between us too.

Ella got so tired.  I did get her to eat a little bit at home before she napped.  She napped almost 4 hours.
The evening was the same old stuff. She was asleep for the night at 9:20.

I ran in my new hat (then I lost it at home)


  1. Love the pool pictures. Will you guys give her swimming lessons?

    1. I thought of doing swim lessons just so she got to swim often. But then a friend (former swim teacher) said she'd do it for free. We went there twice and she gave some tips and stuff. It's mainly about being acclimated to the water at this age. We still haven't done lessons. Her friend Gio started lessons near 9 months old. He's 2 yrs 1 mo now and he is diving for stuff at the bottom of the pool and everything. It's impressive.