Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Ella woke up so stinking early. I wanted her to go back to sleep but she did not. 5:45 is just too early.

We took Dave to work near 9.  Then we were only home a little before we had to leave for her 18 month wellness checkup.  We weren't there long. She didn't have to get shots but we also didn't have to wait long for each other step. Now I'm wondering if our normal doctor is just awful or was today just a good day. Ella was so good.
She was 23.6 lb, 34" tall standing, 46 cm head circumference, 98.2 temperature, 100% oxygen thingy, and 113 bpm.  She would have been due for a shot if her 1 year one wasn't a month late so she couldn't get the Hep A shot.  Ella didn't open her mouth so the doctor could see her throat though.  Also the doctor had to keep the stethoscope on her for awhile just to get her to take a breath. Ella likes to hold her breath when she's unsure.

On our way home, I had to get gas and that added time allowed Ella to fall asleep.  I almost got her transferred but going from being held to horizontal she woke up. She wouldn't go back to sleep even with nursing.  We were up for a few hours and had lunch and stuff. Then she nursed again near 1 and I put her in her crib awake.  She cried a lot but she was asleep within 11 minutes.

She napped awhile. I should have napped but didn't.  I did some things on my computer and ate and the time just flew by.

After she woke up, we hung out and played. Well first I had to deal with her crying for milk. She wants to nurse so bad. I gave in. :(

I pushed her around in her car in the driveway for a long time. We went to the park. I kept waiting to hear from Dave to know when to pick him up. At 7:15 I sent him a message that I was just going to pick him up.  I didn't want to get Ella inside just to leave. I hate not knowing when he will be done.   We got In N Out for dinner. Their line takes forever.

Ella didn't really eat any dinner at all. I think she ate 1 french fry. She drank milkshake and that was it.   She was ready for bed sort of early so we started her routine around 8:15.

We watched TV after while I used my computer. The Americans is hard to watch while using a computer since so much of it is talking in Russian with subtitles.


  1. She's so cute in every picture. Are you trying to wean her or just cutting down on nursing sessions?

    1. Thanks. At this point trying to cut down on the nursing sessions and stick to that.