Sunday, August 16, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:30 and I was exhausted. I had such an awful night's sleep.  I was just so tired that I gave Ella an iPad and curled in bed with her. Dave was there but asleep.  For about 15 minutes I was cuddling with her but awake. Then I notice it's 15 minutes later and I slept. Ella was hanging out with Dave.  Then magically 15 minutes later I woke up to Dave telling Ella how she's such a big girl for using the potty.  That extra half hour helped me so much.

We went running at 9. Well we were a little late. Then we played at the playground for about an hour.  As we were done running, we ran into Puja. She ran herself. If I wasn't so exhausted, I would have ran with her too.  I did some planks for my plank challenge while Ella played.  After Puja ran, we did a planks again. At one point we took some video of us and I was trimming the ends off and I hear the other moms yelling for me and boom Ella is out by a mom leaving (by the road)!

We got home and Ella had lunch. She was tired early and went to sleep early.  I napped a solid nap during her nap. I did wake up to do a few things before she woke up. But I would have probably slept longer if Poly wasn't so annoying. Also a few times I just somehow thought Ella was no longer on the camera so then I'd jump up and have to look closer.

After she woke up, I did distract her with some cheese so she didn't need to nurse.   But then a few minutes later she peed in her potty then immediately threw the cheese into it. She wanted it back!

We played a little. Then we called my mom on a google hangout.  Ella did some jamming.

I made weenies and beans and picked Dave up. We ate after we got home. I ended up having to give Ella a bath before I was even done eating.

Then I wasn't even done eating when Ella wanted to go to sleep.   But then she didn't really want to sleep and wanted to hang out in her room.  She kept trying to poop on the potty but never did. Poor Ella.

I realized throughout the day, I didn't have to clean up a single pee puddle. But she did poop her panties 3 times. She kept saying she was done and refusing to sit on the potty then went again.

I hate how this place gets so messy so quickly. It was so clean and then 3 days later it gets so messy!

Ella wanted to sit with her boppy. Then I gave her another boppy. She was so cute.

I'm not sure what this reaction was for.

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