Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Ella woke up near 5:30. I knew she was still tired since she only slept 7:20.  I got her to go potty and nursed a bit then put her in her crib. She was awake for quite a while. She didn't cry but it still kept me up a bit. Around 6:10 she fell asleep.

Then around 8:15, Dave woke up and I woke up. We slept in so much. I got ready and woke Ella up at 8:40.

We had to head to our 9 AM run and we were a bit late. I did update that I'd be late but still. I was late because Dave wasn't ready. I only dropped him off halfway to work too.

There were 5 moms. We ran 1 mile then did 3:30 to 1 min intervals. Then did 2:1.  I was dying. I've run so much lately it was so rough.

We played at the park afterwards. Ella is a lot more independent. But then she also likes to run off too.  Marie and I did planks while we were there.  I forgot that Ella is pigging out lately, so she was a thief to food. She ate an entire container of grapes from someone else (not even part of our group). She had an apple sauce pouch that she almost never eats. She also had a snack cup full of cheeze it party mix and parts of 2 different fruit bars.

We left a little after 11:30 and came home and had lunch.

Ella napped a little bit late since she slept in.  She napped almost 3 hours.

After nap, we went and visited Lily. We dressed the kids in their matching outfits. I took some pictures. When I got home, I realized I took over 200 pictures. I wasn't even there that long because Dave messaged me that he could be done with work and wanted to go out to dinner.

We went to Tia Juana for dinner.  Ella ate a lot of food. I forgot how much she's eating. Growth Spurt Ella sure is nice. She eats things and doesn't complain about it.  She had part of my enchilada, part of my chicken taco, most of her beef taco, and a lot of chips and salsa.

After we got home, she was only playing with Dave a little bit. Then he thought she was tired. She did seem to want to do bedtime routine right away. But then she was awake in her crib a long time. I went in and she peed on the potty at one point and then she was up a long time after that again.

Dave and I watched the Americans and Big Brother.

This was not staged. They sat together on their own.

Tricky bugger jerked in her high chair to get it to move so then she was close to the buffet to steal things off of it.


  1. Ahh the matching outfits!! SO cute! I always love growth spurts for eating well.

    1. now they can even match more because they coincidentally have the same white sandals too. we need to match them more!