Saturday, August 1, 2015


She is rinsing the doll potty
Ella woke up dry! She used the potty and had accidents 8 times within her first 3 hours of being awake.

I made pancakes for breakfast. Dave was busy working and I was busy holding Ella while making pancakes. It's pretty challenging. Stirring in the chocolate chips was tough since I couldn't hold the container with my other hand or Ella would be too close to it.  Ella preferred normal pancakes over chocolate chip but she also wasn't very hungry.

Dave covered his face for some reason. Then Ella copied. Man she is cute.

Ella is liking dolls more. She puts her doll in her potty chair sometimes.  She also cuddled in bed with another doll.

Ella spent some time coloring. She was so cute. But then she started biting crayons and I'd have to get a piece of crayon out of her mouth.  I tried to get her to make a circle. She only made one enclosed shape but it was more like a cone.

We had manwich for lunch. Ella wasn't a fan. She didn't even finish one bite.

I started going through our cupboards becasue they are full and we have on room for our new food. I found a box of hot chocolate with 7 of the 8 packets in it and it expired in 2008!

Ella wouldn't nap. Then I brought up how one time Ella wouldn't nap until we were all 3 hanging out in bed and she knew Dave was there. Well Ella and Dave fell asleep doing that. They both slept about 3 hours!

Ella ate a ton before cheesesteaks arrived and then she ate a lot of cheesesteak.

The last 5 bathroom happenings of the day Ella actually went in the potty!  5 in a row!!
A new travel potty


  1. That travel potty is an awesome idea.

    1. A friend showed it to me. It's amazing. It's great to only have pee in the bag versus in the plastic potty that you have to clean out. Ella has actually gone in this a few times. I put it in the bottom of the stroller on runs too. Sometimes she asks to go but won't because she's too out in the open or something.