Friday, August 28, 2015


Ella woke up at 6:10.  This felt so early to me. I could not fall asleep so I got less than 3 hours of sleep and that was broken up because Poly woke me up in the middle.  Ella really wanted to nurse. Weaning is tough business.

For the first couple hours, Ella was pretty much miserable. She kept whining and crying and it was not cool. So we decided not to go anywhere fun. I decided to go for a run at 9 with the neighbors since Ella likes her runs. Wouldn't you know we get on the run and then Ella is happy and she's such a pleasant kid for hours after we get back.

She is eating so much lately. She's having quite the growth spurt. I need to weigh and measure her to see.

She went to bed for her nap near 2 PM.  I used my computer a bit. I went to go nap but couldn't fall asleep. It was too hot. I started a new show on Netflix called Leverage. I started it because it was suggested based on Burn Notice.  I also snacked.  Ella napped for a little over 4 hours!!!

We turned on our A/C to test it out. The temperature went up in the house after a half hour of it on. I checked and the A/C unit outside wasn't even running. The fan was running but just blowing air not cold air. Dave checked the electric usage and after we turned off the A/C our usage went down 800 watts.

Ella snacked, we hung out, I cleaned, she ate dinner, we played. She went into her crib around 9:30 and fell asleep around 10.  I cleaned some more. I wasted time on my computer and on facebook. I stayed up later than I should.  I just wasn't tired. I drank Diet Pepsi and the caffeine actually made me not tired!


  1. Have you complained to your landlord about the a/c? I can't believe that they wouldn't have to fix that.

    1. We complained. He got a repair guy to fix it. It took a couple days I think. They fixed it on a Monday.