Saturday, August 15, 2015

Birthday Party (6.19)

Since Ella's birthday is so close to Christmas we decided we will celebrate her half birthday as she grows up. For 1 year we celebrated it on her actual birthday. I didn't think Ella should have to wait 1.5 years for her next party. Dave thought 6 months was too close together.  So I just made a very small party with Ella's 3 best friends. We didn't do anything fancy. We had cupcakes, muffins, and fruit. Marie made the cupcakes.  Only 2 of Ella's friends could make it but it was awesome. They got along so well for the majority of the time.

So everyone was late but if they were on-time I was still cutting the grapes in half. It worked out. Marie and Clara showed up first. Ella and Clara played and were so happy. They played in Ella's house.

About 25 minutes into the party I decided to send messages to Gio and Beth to find out if they were coming or what. This is when I realize I can't send messages to Beth because imessage is turned off. I try to figure out how to turn it on while taking pictures of Ella and Clara playing and while talking. Doing so much at once made it take awhile. During this time, Ella went off into the dining room and living room but I didn't think anything of it. After a little bit, Marie went in and Ella was on the kitchen chair holding 2 cupcakes and eating them!

So it became cupcake time.  So we never sang to Ella! I moved Ella to a high chair and we put Clara in the other one. We had some cupcakes. Gio and Lily showed up. Lily brought her booster seat (per my request) so all the kids could be strapped in. That was such a good idea with the chocolate icing. Ella wanted to sit in Lily's chair even though it was the same as hers so they switched seats. 

For some reason Ella had to steal Lily's milk too. 

We put party hats on them and got a few pictures. 

They ate some fruit and some cupcakes and muffins. Ella ate the most cupcakes of the 3 kids. Clara didn't even care about it! 

Then we put on some jams to see if they'd have a dance party. Ella sure was dancing. She loves music.  We got to sit there and hang out and talk and the girls were so good. There was only a little fighting over some stuff.  

They played with their laptops too.  I love those pictures since they are just nerdy like us.

Everyone was gone by noon.  It was a little bit less than 3 hours and so much fun. Fun for me and fun for Ella. I loved seeing her so happy.  I knew she needed a party. I'm glad she didn't have to wait a year and a half between parties. Well this was just like a play date but with cupcakes and party hats but that made it a celebration.


  1. I like this idea to celebrate at the half year marks instead. Looks like a fun time. Now I want a cupcake.

    1. Dave saw it online somewhere. That's how we got the idea. I like the idea too. So much better than so close to Christmas.