Friday, July 30, 2010

5 things

In my blog reading, I came across this one and decided to listen to the very end and name 5 things I like about myself. Well Sally said love but I won't go that far. Also I won't put this in my wallet because I don't like wallet clutter.

1. My biceps: I can lift heavier weights than most girls and it shows. I have gotten compliments and comments that I consider compliments lately.

2. Waist: I have one now and I didn't 2 years ago so it's nice. I'm finally not many sizes different between my hips and my waist. I think it was 6 sizes different.  My mom's waist was smaller than mine used to be the week after she gave birth to me.

3. Glutes -- a nice way of saying my butt: Lunges and squats have paid off immensely.

I thought this was going to be easy but I'm out of things. I can come up with 5 things I hate about my body or some are love/hate relationship.

4. Quads: that's right not my entire leg. i like my quad muscles. If i wore shorts or mini skirts maybe people would see but my hidden muscles actually look nice.

5. my height: it isn't short. it's not too tall either. it's good. I am not taller than most guys so it's good.

1. my ribs that poke out of shirts
2. my legs that are too long for most pants
3. my skinny body that is too small for clothes at most stores
4. my freakishly long arms that are way longer than most sleeves so in the winter I have cold wrists
5. my larger feet so then cute shoes aren't in my size and also boots then have very large openings for calves but I need small openings.

Those dislikes just flew out. I could barely keep up with typing.
I have more that i dislike.
6. my face looks fat compared to the rest of my body
7. my neck is short

I don't think the dislikes are what Sally had in mind.

I was going to add pictures to this post to show each of my likes but then I figured I'd also find more pictures for the things I dislike. I figured I shouldn't show people all that or they would notice that when they see me.

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