Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have so many things to update about but I don't have time.

I forgot to take my daily picture today.

Yesterday I made a wrong turn and sat in bumper to bumper traffic for 2 hours to go 2 miles to the next exit.  Therefore I missed lunch.

I didn't go out to dinner since my mom was driving with me and also I already ate dinner, but I hate to miss out on things. Well then after dinner they all went to my aunts for hours so I missed out again.

I didn't sleep well at my parents. It was too hot. I think the A/C vent wasn't opened. I didn't realize until morning.  So I'm not the only host to forget to open vents for people.

I slept in since I didnt sleep well. I was up about every hour. I had awful dreams.  
Since I slept in I didn't have time to run or well feel like running.

All I want to do is eat real homemade food yet all I have is restaurant/cafeteria food anymore.

My gram died.

There are way too many family arguments about funeral arrangements.

It is too expensive and would take too long so my cousin is not coming for the funeral.

I will be missing work due to the funeral even though I'm already too busy to get work done by the due date.

I have wasted 45 minutes on my work computer trying to check the work policy and email work people to tell them I will be out. Well i still can't get connected to the network even though it says I am so then I can look up the policy to see if Dave gets 3 days off work too. I was able to do the emails but nothing else.  Also even with rebooting the external mouse won't work. It happens all the time and that's when I know the intranet won't work but usually rebooting helps. It did not.

I don't know what to wear to the funeral.  Also this throws my 30 for 30 out the window.

On the bright side I got 2 fresh cucumbers from Art along with 2 books and 1 nuclear power plant belt buckle.

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