Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Day's Worth of Twitter

12:19:15 AM - I hope the rain doesn't ruin my run in the morning http://tweetphoto.com/32397604
06:21:46 AM - Started: #iMapMyRun
06:43:45 AM - In progress: #iMapMyRun Distance 2.00 mi, Duration 0:19:46, Pace 09:52 min/mile, Speed 6.1 mph.
06:59:05 AM - Completed #iMapMyRun (Run): Distance 3.50 mi, Duration 0:34:56, Pace 09:59 min/mile, Speed 6.0 mph.
07:05:22 AM - i reset my nike+ when i was stretching. i ran 1.5 less than I should have. I ran slower too. I should have been 1:45 faster at least.
07:14:14 AM - so much for cutting my run short so I could shower earlier so I could get to work earlier. Dave is in the shower.
07:21:55 AM - He wasn't in the shower yet. By the time he was, I could have been done with my shower.
08:00:04 AM - Kitty doesn't want me to go to work.
12:10:40 PM - Someone said loudly from far away down the hall "holy red pants" at me then said "they make you look so skinny. I hate you." ~10people heard
01:28:27 PM - so far today i received comments on my shoes, shirt, and pants. Cardigan still needs a comment
03:54:14 PM - A coworker said my pattern in my shirt was crazy. I don't think it is. http://bit.ly/aJOWZD
08:40:54 PM - This dinner after 9 pm blows
09:59:22 PM - I just finished dinner. So tired. Didn't pack my gym bag yet. Didnt pick my 30 for 30 stuff bc Dave was asleep when I got home.

You can find me as @smilincolleen on Twitter.

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