Monday, September 12, 2011

4.57 Miles with Jen (9.12.11)

After work today I went running with Jen.  I ran with her one other time but that was a few months ago. She dropped a cymbal on her toe and needed stitches. It was pretty bad that she couldn't run for over 6 weeks. 

I was late meeting her (but only by a few minutes). But I guess it was OK because I read warning that you shouldn't do vigorous exercise within 2 hours of getting an allergy shot and since the doctor made me wait so long I was within 2 hours. (I had a nurse visit for the shot at 3:30 and I didn't get my shot until 4:45. This is the second time I used this place.  The first was as bad.  I think I'm going to switch doctors again.)

We ran counter clockwise just like last time.  We ran across the bridge cutting half a mile off the loop time. 

We ran for 10 minutes then did a 3:1 run walk ratio.  We did 2:1 for 1 time then we ran until we got to the car. It was slightly under 4.5 so we walked a bit to get to 4.5 but we ended up walking too far and got to 4.57.   I was going to run 3:1 the entire way but Jen wanted to run for 10 minutes first. 

My hips are still sore from yesterday.  I probably should have had a rest day after my long run. Oh well.  Jen ran yesterday too.  We both had decently hard workouts but ran together anyway. We talked the entire way and most of the discussion involved races and running. It made the time fly.  We used my run/walk app and it was loud enough that even Jen could hear it. 

I would say our split time each time my watch beeped.  We would run an entire .25 between 2:22 and 2:30 on average and then ones that we walked for a minute during, our time was 2:44 a few times in a row. About halfway through the pace got a bit slower but I am still shocked how similar the splits are even with walking an entire minute within the .25 mi. 

The low dip is where we stopped for water.  I mentioned it since I drank very little water today and the car thermometer told me it was 81 when we started running.

At one point Jen was talking to me about running every now and then without my Garmin. I forget exactly what she said because all I could think of was "Oh. I can't do that." and so that's what I told her. I need my watch and data on every run. Without the data, what's the point? OK the point is probably the exercise or something.

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