Thursday, September 1, 2011

8.28 - Busy Busy

What an out take!
Dress: Loft (came with a belt that was the wrong size so I used my white one instead of the black one)
Belt: Target
Shoes: Connie via Famous Footwear
Necklace: Lia Sophia

None of my pictures are that good. I'm using a different remote because I never brought my better one downstairs after I got back from vacation.

I started out the day with a run. Then my parents were coming. I had talked to my mom prior to my shower so I wasn't dressed in clothes for the day yet. She said she was wearing her dress she wore to church so I dressed up too.

After I got off the phone with my mom, I hurried and showered even though I wanted to go to the track to run 2 more miles because I needed to get 7 miles in per my training plan and only got 5 (only ever get 5).  After my shower I ran to Giant Eagle to buy birthday cake.  I got home seconds before my family showed up.  Then we talked a minute and then headed to Houlihan's so my dad could use his birthday coupon.

Well we got to Houlihan's right before 2 and they close at 2 to stop the brunch and then reopen again at 3.  So we had to kill time to find somewhere else to eat.  We decided to kill time.  We went to Costco and got some free samples and maybe bought something.  Then we went to Home Depot and got caps for our permanent stakes for the property markers.
Then it was back to Houlihan's.

After Houlihan's, we came home, got Timmy set up to start copying pictures from my computer to his from our vacation and I went with my parents to Sam's Club.  (I changed into jeans and comfy shoes. My pointy shoes weren't so good for all the shopping we did earlier.) I can't believe the one in Butler was only 25-30 minutes away. I always figured Butler was further and I didn't even know there was a Sam's there. I don't have a membership or anything so I'd have to go with my parents.  We were looking for landscape lights and french bread pizzas and they didn't have either.  But then I saw some patio chairs and a small table and impulse bought them. I figured our patio is big and we could use the little table to store food or something so now I have something little out there.
After we got home, we put together the table. Then my dad asks me if we have a shovel. He starts digging out the Holly. I've been telling him for awhile I have to dig it out, but I was never getting around to it. Well we got around to it now. It was hard to dig out.  Also I raked up a ton of straw that was over all the new grass we had. I still have to do the other side of the yard and everything in the back hillside plus more on the first side. It should have been raked up sooner but when I was in Colorado it didn't rake itself.  We pulled a couple weeds, too. The weeds were 3 feet high. Oops
We got done just about dark and we didn't even finish digging out the wire that was around the Holly ball in the ground.  We actually stopped after I the shovel slipped and I got covered head to toe in dirt. Then we came in and chilled out. Had a snack of chips and then played with Poly.  Then it was almost 9 and my mom was mad she wasn't taping some special about the Last Heart Attack so then they stayed and watched that. It wasn't over until 10. Boy am I glad I wasn't out that late. I was so tired. There would have been no way I could have driven home and made it home w/o having to stop and nap.   After my family left we watched Big Brother. I was so tired. I did a lot, but still didn't get any laundry done or any housework done over the weekend. The weekend just disappeared.

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