Thursday, September 15, 2011

8.31 - Lots of Poly

It was telecommuting day. Poly hung out with me more than normal because Dave actually had to go into the office for his telecommuting day.
Poly spent time hanging out on my suit case, until she realized I was out on the porch. Then she had issues trying to get close to me.  I worked outside because the weather was so nice and I figured I wouldn't get many other good days.
Then whenI came back inside, Poly went back to the suitcase.
It's good that I didn't unpack yet since Poly likes my suitcase so much.
Then after lunch I was back upstairs working and Poly was back to hanging out with me.
Poly threw up food for the first time. Too bad she had to do it on the carpet.

I napped after I was done working, we headed outside to dig up the wire from the Holly.  That took far too long but we got it down and filled in the hole. It just needs to e covered with mulch to look kind of pretty again.


  1. Thanks Julie and Michelle. I almost didn't do this post since it was entirely Poly. I thought everyone would hate it so the fact that I got 2 comments it made my day! Thank you.