Saturday, September 24, 2011


Cardigan and Tank: NY&Co
Belt: Target
Necklace: Sears
Skirt: The Limited
Shoes: The Shoe Dept.

The skirt fits a little better than the last time I wore it. I keep wearing black, white, and red. I need to mix it up a little more with this skirt. How do you style a red skirt or red pants?

The work day FLEW by.

I went to Body Pump at 5. I was still really sore from Saturday's lifting. I backed down on triceps and lunges but the rest I kept my normal weight.  It was hard.  Triceps were too easy so I guess I shouldn't have backed it down on them.

After pump, I went back to work for a bit. Eventually I headed home to eat dinner and watch TV. All kinds of seasons are starting so we finally had TV to watch. We started with 2 episodes of How I Met Your Mother.
Dave is still sick. But he did chew on the blind cords for some humor. He chewed on the blind cords before and I posted about it. The original email was a lot funnier than this time.


  1. cute look. I hope Dave feel better soon.

  2. no offense but you seem to be somewhat into your health, but what about your husband. Have you encouraged him to exercise or tried to do activities that would get him up and moving?

  3. Amy. Thanks. I hope so too. As of today he's a lot better but not 100%.

    I have. I do. I don't do a lot with him. I haven't recently with him being sick. No matter what I do, I can't get him motivated as much as I want but also I don't put on here all that we do and all that he does.

  4. Great outfit! How about trying red with a lighter blue (I think you've done this before), yellow or mustard, or a and teal is one of my favorite combos. And since it's a red skirt, I think you can pair it with beige/tan/khaki without it looking too Target-employee. :)

  5. Angeline,
    Thank you

    I have done the light blue before.
    I don't have much yellow. The yellow shirt I have is very casual looking.
    I don't have mustard
    I do have teal and I just got a new teal thing. or maybe i just bought turquoise. I forget. but I have done red and turquoise before but one was a necklace... I don't know why I didn't think of it with a skirt or pants. --- thank you.
    Also if I buy more yellow, I'll have to try it out.
    Oh I have a black, white, yellow print top..... hmm

    Hmm I have this blazer,2010big.jpg or this one,2010big.jpg (wow that second one took going back pretty far to see it in a pic). Do you think either of those would work?

  6. I think that blazer would work.

    I love this outfit. I'd love to see you try wearing burnt orange with red like I've seen the girl from Already Pretty do. She has some stuff about pairing colors and uses red a lot.

  7. This is the closest to burnt orange that I have and I don't know if it is really burnt orange.