Friday, September 30, 2011


I wore my new clothes for the first time.  I really loved this outfit.  I was actually shocked I didn't get any compliments while at work. I actually never get compliments when I think I'll get them and I get them when I don't think I will.
This necklace is getting more and more use. I never realized I was missing a necklace this length before but it keeps coming in handy.

I finally got a patterned skirt. This just makes me want even more of them.  Too bad I don't know what else to wear with this skirt besides this shirt (or another shirt this color).

I wore my hair up but it just didn't cooperate in this claw. I had to fix the claw constantly throughout the day.

Too bad I got this sweater so close to when it is super cold out. I won't get enough use out of it.
Somehow I ended up not taking a single picture of Poly. I don't know how this happened.

I worked, went to Body Pump, and came home after that.  I watched TV and went to sleep early.  The Steeler Game kept me up too late Sunday so then I had to make up for it Monday.

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